Arkadia Caramel Syrups (750ml) | Cafe Supplies
Arkadia Caramel Syrups (750ml) | Cafe Supplies
Arkadia Caramel Syrups (750ml) | Cafe Supplies

Arkadia Caramel Syrups (750ml) | Cafe Supplies

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Arkadia Caramel Syrup boasts as one of the most popular choices for coffee syrups across Australia. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to sweeten and add a simple touch of caramel flavour to their favourite coffee, hot chocolate, frappe, milkshake or baking. This range inspires endless flavour creations to suit your menu and the season. 

This versatile syrup delivers superior taste and consistent quality that your barista and customers alike will know and love. 

Arkadia Syrup Pumps: Just one pump away to accurately measure out the same dose of syrup every single time. No need to stir to dissolve, which helps every barista save precious time and work more efficiently. 

*Pumps are external and not included with this product. Please add to your order if required (pumps are re-usable).

Tasting notes: The sweet flavour of scorched caramel 

Packaging: 750ml PET bottle

Servings per package: 50 (serving size 15ml)

Shelf life: 24 month - Store in cool dry location

Ingredients: Sugar, water, flavour, food acid (330), preservative (202), colour (150d). May contain traces of dairy

Recipe – Coffee and Caramel Milkshake:


  • 475ml (16oz) ice cubes

  • ¾ cup cold Milk

  • 30ml Mount K Coffee espresso

  • 30ml Arkadia Caramel Syrup


  1. Fill ice cubes, cold milk or water in blender

  2. Add espresso and two pumps of Arkadia Caramel Syrup

  3. Blend for 30 secs until smooth

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