Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Michael Elligett

We could all give out a little extra love this year. If you’re stuck on gifts to give to friends, family, colleagues, or teachers - you can never go wrong with some Cookie Man favourites (especially when they come in reindeer jars). Here are our top three picks for you.  

All our cookies are sealed to last fresh until after Christmas.  


1. Moose Cookie Jar

Christmas Gift Idea - Cookie Man cookie jar

We’ve seen that many cookie jars in our time – but how many come in a moose? 120g of the famous Cookie Man biscuits in this novelty jar is high up on our Christmas list – perfect to share with family.  

Find it here: Moose Cookie Jar ($24.95)


2. Christmas Tree Mugs

Christmas Gift Idea - Cookie Man Christmas Mugs

This one hits two birds with one stone – not only does it have 100 mini biscuits, but it comes with a keepsake mug as well. Perfect for your more practical friends. 

Find it here: Christmas Tree Mugs ($14.95)


3. Stripes Christmas Mini Jar

Christmas Gift Idea - Cookie Man Novelty Cookie Jar

These are a smaller style gift that are undeniably cute. Packed with 70g of mini biscuits, they are perfect for corporate events, colleagues, teachers or your kid’s school friends. 

We also have a larger size available here for the major cookie fans.  

Find it here: Stripes Christmas Mini Jar ($7.95) 


If you haven’t made up your mind, check out the full range here.

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