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The Biggest Savings with your TCS Wholesale Account 

Get the best products for less. We have worked with our proud partners to offer amazing benefits that are exclusive to our Wholesale Account clients. Our partners can provide you competitive pricing and negotiated discounts on barista-quality milk, soft drinks, small wares, and more, combined with other exclusive TCS benefits.

We give you Priority TCS deals. We offer further discounts and deals exclusive to your café across our range. We tailor our services and product range to each café and treat them individually with more personalised relationships.

Your TCS Wholesale Account comes with exclusive privileges: 

  • Spectacular coffee range made for your customers
  • Unbeatable prices, deals and discounts
  • Personalised Support
  • Best-in-class Machinery, Equipment and Servicing
  • Roastery Tours and Advanced Coffee Knowledge
  • Unparalleled Barista Training and Development

Discover the TCS Difference 

Spectacular coffee range. Best-in-class equipment. Unbeatable prices, deals and discounts. Personalised support. Unparalleled barista training.   

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Brands we stock for our wholesale clients

Coffee Range 

Made For Your Customers

One blend does not suit all – and every café will want to source the perfect, one of a kind coffee blend for their customers. We’re coffee roasters that have teamed up with other specialty roasters to offer you 12 different blends, each with its own unique flavours and aromas.

Our coffee experts, Dan and Atsu, will ensure that you can find the perfect blend to suit your café’s budget and customers.

Pick The Coffee That Suits Your Café

Clients love the TCS Wholesale Account experience

“The staff and service at The Café Supplier have been great and quick to keep my business running smoothly. Their usual turn around time of 1 day makes it easy to control my stock levels. Their product range and prices are also exceptional to be able to customise my offering when needed. I would recommend their whole offering from A to Z.” - Joe, Café On Kingsway

Personalised Support

Your TCS Wholesale Account comes with your own Account Manager, dedicated to delivering only the best support for your business.

As an owner, the most valuable asset you can get is support. To have someone come in and be your eyes and ears, to be the motivator, the advisor, the person to keep you on your toes. Someone who you know you can trust and count on. 

Support comes in many forms, whether it be a visit, a service, or even customer experience advice, coffee and supply drop-offs, whatever it may be, support is essential for your business to grow and be sustainable.

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Best-in-class Machinery, Equipment and Servicing

Your TCS Wholesale Account can take away the hassles of machinery, servicing and maintenance

The Café Supplier has partnered up with La Marzocco and Mazzer and Victoria Arduino. Using these high-end machines gives the end user the opportunity to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

 We provide value in making sure that your machine is always kept up to standard and if there are any issues they are dealt with asap. Giving you peace of mind that your machines will always be well maintained and serviced when needed.

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Clients love the TCS Wholesale Account experience

“Since come on board in 2020 with The Café Supplier, the level of support and personlised service has been amazing. The team has been quick to respond and always has our backs in times of need. The range of products and prices are suited for the customer with high quality products and competitive prices. If there is anything you need, give them a contact.” - Dan- Old Butter Factory

Tell the story with your brews

The TCS Wholesale Account brings you incredible roastery tours and coffee knowledge.

Barista education and coffee knowledge is of key importance when it comes to working in the industry. With such a competitive environment, you as a café owner must understand your coffee from bean to cup so that customers know they can trust you.

Learn straight from our Mount Kuring-gai roastery and understand the step-by-step process of how your freshly roasted coffee gets produced.

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Unparalleled Barista 
Training and Development

The TCS Wholesale Account offers both you and your baristas the best training options on and off site.

Whether you are training your barista or even yourself as an owner, we can provide both onsite training and at our training facility. 

Training is important, it adds value to you as an owner by giving you the control over the tools and training. Your staff is important as well because it adds value and motivation for them to succeed and grow in your business. Training brings consistency and quality from grinding to serving your customer. It adds process and precision to every cup of coffee.

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The TCS Wholesale Account.

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The TCS Wholesale Account gives you exclusive access to a spectacular coffee range made for your customers, unbeatable prices, deals and discounts, personalised support, best-in-class machinery, equipment and servicing, roastery tours and advanced coffee knowledge plus unparalleled barista training and development. Schedule your call below and grab this opportunity today!