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Our responsibility to environmental sustainability is a priority in every big or small operation that we do. We understand that our business impacts the environment and ocean around us and that the choices we make today will affect the future of sustainable life.

Environmental efforts within the TCS office and warehouse are growing to achieve a success beyond the norm. We believe we play a part in supplying café products that are environmentally friendly and offer sustainable services to our café customers. We invest and partner with brands that value these initiatives as much as we do, so we can encourage sustainability and profitability across our entire range.

“Approximately 66% of consumers said they were willing to spend more on products coming from sustainable companies. This number rose to 73% among millennials”Nielson report.

We aim for sustainable business practices that positively impact our everyday operations and reduce our carbon footprint. Here are the sustainability initiatives that we take pride in:

Carton Recycling Program

It’s easy to recycle your cartons – we believe that recycling should be an essential part of any office, home, warehouse or workplace. All cartons including milk and juice, boxes and other packaging used in the TCS office/warehouse are placed in regular municipal recycling as operations protocol for all staff.

We understand the simple importance that each recycled carton can be given new life and helps preserve our future’s resources. This program acts as one of our many sustainability initiatives to drive environmental importance into our core business.


Zero Food Waste Program

We follow a structured zero food waste program in our manufacturing process across all warehouse operations. It involves a vertically integrated system that ensures unused ingredients and other leftovers wasted are avoided at all costs and minimises fresh produce contributing to landfill and effectively, greenhouse gas emissions.

TCS aims to reduce the amount we dispose away and the negative impact we have on our environment and oceans. Our zero waste commitment aligns with the Australian Government’s National Waste Policy Action Plan – to reduce total waste generated in Australia by 10% per person by 2030.

As part of this initiative, any unused products used on TCS premises are donated to local charities and disadvantaged communities. All products that leave the premises follow our food and safety guidelines.


Eco Cups/Recyclable Packaging

“Consumers are expected to spend an estimated $150 billion on sustainable products by the end of this year.”Neilson Report.

We encourage all our cafe partners and hospitality businesses to select from our sustainable range of cups, lids, food boxes and other 100% recyclable, bio-degradable and compostable packaging as an effective way to reduce single-use plastics.

Our Truly Eco Cups from Pinnacle Packaging are the first to market plastic-free cups that can be fully recycled and composted in Australia. These biodegradable cups are used across many of our café partners as we continue to encourage everyone in the industry to reduce the amount of landfill. Their food boxes are made from packaging paper designed to hold meals for longer periods and give businesses confidence when serving hot food.

Another sustainable range we promote are our eco-friendly cutlery from Anchor Packaging – 100% compostable and ready to fight landfill!

Our sustainable range continues to climb in the industry as we prioritise these eco-friendly options when promoting our packaging products and are now our top sellers across this range.



These sustainability initiatives reflect our interest in caring for the environment and the planet's future resources. Climate change is already impacting coffee production and will continue to damage the market for coffee producers and consumers. We focus on environmental best practice and sustainability in the office and warehouse to better contribute to our global environmental situation.

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