Why offer good coffee in hotels?

Michael Elligett

Consumers’ expectations with hotel beverages are higher than ever. When it comes to coffee, they are now focused on the freshness, the availability of flavour options and the ability to customise with syrups, sweeteners and milk alternatives. 

When they visit a hotel, they want their staycation or business trips to be one of their best experiences. They also expect their mornings to be served with a good cup of coffee.  

Why offer good coffee in hotels?

Hotel owners can capitalise on this by creating a unique experience for their guests. It will allow you to attract new customers and retain existing ones, leading to higher revenue. 

Here are the other benefits of offering high-quality coffee in hotels:

It boosts customer satisfaction
By offering fresh and high-quality coffee in your hotel, you are increasing customer satisfaction. Hotel guests don’t need to head to a local coffee shop just to get their coffee fix if you’re already giving them what they’re looking for. 
One report showed that travellers ranked coffee as one of the most essential hotel amenities. They’re satisfied whenever there’s a good coffee in the complimentary breakfast or the hotel room service menu. 
Great refreshments or drinks like coffee lift customers’ moods and make them feel that they’re cared for.
It improves brand reputation
While some hotels offer great coffee, some are still not meeting the expectations of the guests. Several studies reveal that most hotel goers are dissatisfied with the quality of coffee in hotels, rating it either poor or average. 
Showing you care about your guest’s preferences and that you can offer them what they want will improve your brand’s reputation. If you give them fresh and aromatic coffee they can enjoy while staying at your hotel, it shows you’re prioritising the quality of all your products and services seriously. 
It will give them reasons to come back
Once you build a reputation that tickles the fancy of a lot of coffee lovers, the business will surely boom with repeat customers. 
Consistency makes a huge difference. Today’s consumers want to get assurance that no matter what day or season it is or how busy your business is, the product will taste just as good as it did the first time. Having an excellent coffee is also an indication that you’re offering great services and amenities in your hotel. 
To increase hotel revenue through your coffee offerings, you need to make sure you’re serving the perfect cup every single time. So how can you improve your hotel’s coffee service?


Create a one-of-a-kind coffee experience

You can create a great coffee experience for your guests by showing you’re really serious about the quality of the coffee you’re offering. Find time researching what works for coffee shops and other hotels, and put your twist onto it. You need to show your creativity, uniqueness and your message with each cup.

You also need to hire an experienced barista and invest in high-quality equipment. This allows you to prepare delicious drinks to wow your customers and keep them coming back for more. 

Always remember to keep it balanced, too. You need to think about the presentation, taste and aroma. Each cup should be created with love and expertise. 

Get your beans and other coffee ingredients from a reliable supplier

If you genuinely want to create the most satisfying coffee experience for your hotel visitors, you need to partner with a reputable supplier. Make sure you’re teaming up with a supplier that will allow you to source the best beans and other ingredients to make the best cup of coffee.

Inquire and set up meetings with various suppliers that are delivering within your area. Ask for coffee samples and taste the coffee first-hand. You need to find someone who will support you, get to know your customers’ needs and help you meet them. Their values and vision should be aligned with yours, too. 

Before signing a contract, think it through and see who stands out the most. Keep in mind that they will be your business partners, so they must be willing to work with you long term and set you up for success.

Nespresso Pods

Nespresso pods had a big impact on hotels due to their simplicity of use but had unfortunately had the reverse effect where customers stopped purchasing coffee all together from the establishment as that option seemed like the only coffee style they served. 

Many articles also write the sustainability problems of the pods which also deterred consumers from using the product and looking elsewhere for their coffee fix.


Most hotels take pride and joy in the quality of food offering they serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner but are always let down on their after meal coffee which is routine for most international and national travellers which could make or break their perception of the food they had consumed. It's always great when they leave with a smile of satisfaction rather than a half drunk cup of coffee.


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