Cookie Man is back!

Michael Elligett

Twenty years ago, if you walked into any large shopping centre you probably would’ve smelled the delicious baking of fresh cookies that would’ve led you straight to a Cookie Man store. Many a childhood memory was made purchasing a bag of mixed cookies with all of your favourites like Brandy Snap, Californians, Harlequins, and Choc Pebble. Then all of a sudden Cookie Man seems to disappear from our loves and left a hole in our hearts that could never be filled again. Finally, Cookie Man has become available online to purchase at your fingertips.  The same delicious flavours baked right here in Australia, using the same recipes that were used back in 1958 when Cookie Man opened its first store in Melbourne.


Harlequin Cookie Man

Cookie Man takes pride and care in baking a wide range of home-style biscuits just for you, the biscuit lover. From traditional shortbreads to chunky choc style cookies, they use only the finest ingredients available and guarantee to bake delicious biscuits for all of your family and friends to enjoy. The entire Cookie Man range is now available online in single and bulk packs, delivered straight to your door. Try them now to relive the memories of years past!

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