Eco friendly packaging, what are my options?

Michael Elligett

Reusable coffee cup surrounded by paper coffee cups

Running a café produces a lot of waste and its difficult to avoid all the excess packaging that often comes with transporting products to and from your supplier. We are living in a time where customers and owners alike are putting an emphasis on sustainability and recycling as much as possible. This sometimes may seem near impossible so its good to have some environmentally friendly options available for foodservice outlets when offering take away options. Customers who want a convenient meal often are given disposable utensils and containers that are used once, thrown in the bin and sit in landfill for the next 60 years until they break down.

Sometimes reusable options just aren’t viable in a busy café atmosphere. Then there’s the whole issue of remembering to bring the cutlery and containers with you every time you wish to buy a sandwich or salad on the go! We have brought on board Anchor Packaging who offers a range of recyclable takeaway containers and 100% compostable cutlery meaning that there is no wastage after your customers have finished their meals. The range includes wooden cutlery and paper straws that can be put into your compost bin after they have been used, and napkins that have been made using 100% recycled paper. Although these eco-friendly options may not be the cheapest option when comparing them to single-use plastic packaging, you can rest assured that you are minimising your own environmental impact by purchasing these green goods!

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